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Favorite thing as a parent...

My favorite thing as a parent about Generations is that you value and teach each girl as an important person, not just a number or one of many dancers in your studio.  I truly appreciate how you hold the girls to task, hold them accountable, and make them work hard but you do it in a loving and kind way.  Your values as Christians really show through and we love that!  I can't think of a better way for my daughter to spend her time.  She is learning dance, but also learning valuable life lessons.  I had been meaning to send you a note after the Mason competition about this.  It was our first experience in a competition and I cannot tell you how impressed I was with our dancers and your choice of costumes, appropriate choreography, and rules of conduct.  I was completely shocked to see how some of the other dance studios had their girls dressed, the dance moves they used, and their attire when walking around the hallway.  It was quite a contrast to Generations dancers.  It made me so happy as a parent.  I truly want you to know how much I appreciate you!  I will support Rachel dancing with you as much and as long as she desires!  You are helping to raise great kids.

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